About Royal River Permaculture

Royal River Permaculture is about culture design to scale. We work with creative and collaborative processes to facilitate learning and create change that honors people, place, and process. The principles we use to intervene in a system whether it is an individual, a family, an organization, or a collaborative project, are based on bio-mimicry, nature’s design and systems thinking. We operate from an ethical framework informed by permaculture that holds care for Earth, care of people, sharing of surpluses and awareness of limitation equally important.

Contact rachellyn@royalrivercollaborative.com with general inquires. If you are ready for a site walk for your location, please complete this form online.

Rachel Lyn Rumson, Activator & Arranger


Rachel Lyn has been called an animator due to the life that she brings to groups, actively engaging them in their work. Her masters thesis on Regenerative Systems combined with her study of permaculture design are the keystone of her practice. As systems thinker, Rachel Lyn embraces the complexity of each project and works to maximize the goals of her clients. In business and activism, she values task, process and place as vital components of each project, seeking to develop communities that create, learn and change together.  

Rachel Lyn excels at collaboration and engagement. She works with emergence on the land and with people, helping to connect and weave networks. She practices landscape permaculture design out of her studio at George Perley House B&B in Gray Maine, where her family are innkeepers and homesteaders. Her practice has included multi-stakeholder design for couples, families and communities.

Rachel Lyn received her Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and Advanced PDC at The Resilience Hub in Portland, Maine where she also co- facilitated PDCs, performed site consults, collaborated on several design projects and helped grow the organization. She also worked as a Social Permaculture Designer and Educator, specializing in large event planning and facilitation. In this capacity, she supported many community projects including: The Transition New England Gathering, The Art of Participatory Leadership Training, The Northeast Permaculture Convergence, and The Omega Institute Permaculture Retreat. She also assisted in the formation of the Portland Tool Library and the Greater Portland Community Land Trust, and coordinated countess events from skill-shares to festivals, to community conversations.

Prior to Permaculture Rachel Lyn was a university professor teaching sociology and psychology, a contract trainer, a serial entrepreneur and business coach. She earned a master in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University though the Leadership Institute of Seattle’s Leadership and Organizational Development Program. Her thesis titled Regenerative Change: core values work in a childcare cooperative is about building resilience through engagement and participation, and intervening in a system wisely. While in Seattle Rachel Lyn was on the Board of the Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network as Program Director, where she worked on producing relevant content for the association, served on the national conference committee,  and conducted research. She also founded the Community Conversation Project and worked with the Community Consulting Partnership while in the Northwest. 

Rachel Lyn currently co-creates the Cooperative Design Lab program, a one-of-a-kind leadership development course for community organizers based on social permaculture. She is co-designing a Social Permaculture course, also to be annouced later this year. She offers talks, skill-shares and site walks on a limited basis and serves on her local planning board. Her permaculture presence on-line can be found at  www.RoyalRiverPermaculture.com