Welcome to Royal River Collaborative

This is the place that permaculture and social innovation meet! Where connections are made and location matters. We have a systems-thinking design process for your land and your family or your organization.

Depending on your goals, we use the ethics and principles of permaculture to build engagement, shape interactions, and weave networks that are more resilient and creative working with both inner and outer landscapes.Yes, we plan landscapes with ecology and behavior in mind. We also create meetings with culture and change in mind.

Rachel Lyn Rumson is Activator and Arranger at Royal River Collaborative. She draws on fifteen years of experience as a process consultant designing and facilitating large events in the field of organizational development and education. For the past 3 years Rachel Lyn has been weaving into her career the threads of permaculture. Now, she designs school gardens and homesteads using participatory process to engage people.  She also designs curriculum and provides expert facilitation and process consulting services for leaders who need to solve complex challenges and find innovative ways to do it. Rachel Lyn excels where ecological systems and social systems intersect. She can help coalitions come together and help leaders discover the leverage points to make the changes they seek.

Rachel Lyn also coordinates Cooperative Design Lab and runs a homestead B&B with her family in Gray, Maine. Royal River Collaborative is her consulting practice.